BrightFront Values

We make clear commitments to our clients, and we are transparent about what you can expect from our own company culture.

No-nonsense: At BrightFront, we use plain and clear language rather than hiding behind jargon. Our purpose is to be collaborative and support client team.

Ground Experience: BrightFront works in the countries and regions we know best, based on actual experience on the ground, interacting with local people. We are experienced in both urban and rural geographies. Regions we are familiar with include North America & Caribbean, South and Central America, Southeast Asia, India, China, and English-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa.

Accountability: Organizations count on us to deliver outcomes at important junctures. BrightFront will make and stick to very specific promises - we are accountable to deliver positive project outcomes.

Competence: BrightFront will only agree to support your team if we are absolutely confident regarding our ability to meet your needs. BrightFront is committed to adding clear, demonstrable value to our clients.

Social Impact: BrightFront is an inclusive organization that cares about making the world a better place. We work with clients who care about making the world a better place as well.

Change - Opportunity - Challenge

Our clients are established companies, international organizations, agencies and foundations with significant existing operations. They are at the early stages of developing new initiatives or in the midst of major organizational shift when existing operations face a significant Challenge, Opportunity or Change.

BrightFront’s clients are established for-profit companies, agencies, and nonprofits. Recent clients include: World Bank, UN Secretary General's Office. Unicef, UN Global Pulse, UN Development Programme, The Rockefeller Foundation,, Disney Imagineering, European Union, Adlens and Internews.

Research → Strategy → Alignment → Operations

BrightFront works with government, international institutions, foundations, private companies, and multinational corporations to ensure projects are well-planned, effectively implemented and operationally sustainable.