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Rose Shuman - Partner EmailIn


Rose Shuman is an experienced technology & data consultant with focus on developing world contexts, an ICT nonprofit founder of Question Box, a TED Fellow and a Senior Fellow at the USC Marshall School Society and Business Laboratory. She publishes widely in development, governance and business innovation publications. Rose is on the UK Guardian newspaper's Global Development Advisory Panel.

Rose has a strong understanding of analytics, as well as extensive communication and facilitation experience with cross-functional stakeholders, both internal and external. She understands operational challenges and interpreting them in the context of data and digital technology products and strategies. Rose is an effective communicator at articulatingthe value of data, data driven business methodologies, and ICT solutions. She is expert at authoring detailed business/product specification documents, use cases, business case and requirement models.

F. Mita Paramita - Partner EmailIn

Mita specializes in product management, process design, implementation and technical operations management.

A designer and engineer by training, Mita is a natural at design and problem-solving. She codes, tinkers and firmly believes in the value of data and data-driven methodologies for civic and humanitarian initiatives.

An avid practitioner of innovation, technology, and social enterprise, Mita also serves as Technology and Operations Lead at Question Box. She directs software/hardware and toolkit dev; plans and manages multiple concurrent Question Box project deployments.

Mita is proficient in statistics; web and mobile development; predictive and business analytics; also familiar with a vast set of commercial and open source tools to gather, analyze, and visualize data.

Our Affiliates

BrightFront maintains an extensive network of technology, data science, design, development sector, and operations experts around the world to work on relevant projects.

BrightFront Values

BrightFront makes clear commitments to our clients, and we are transparent about what you can expect from our own company culture.

No-nonsense: At BrightFront, we use plain and clear language rather than hiding behind jargon. Our purpose is to support your team.

Ground Experience: BrightFront works in the countries and regions we know best, based on actual experience on the ground, interacting with local people. We are experienced in both urban and rural geographies. Regions we are familiar with include North America & Caribbean, South and Central America, Southeast Asia, India, China, and English-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa.

Accountability: Organizations count on us to deliver outcomes at important junctures. BrightFront will make and stick to very specific promises - we are accountable to clients for results.

Competence: BrightFront will only agree to support your team if we are absolutely confident regarding our ability to meet your needs. BrightFront is committed to adding clear, demonstrable value to your organization.

Social Impact: BrightFront is an organization that cares about making the world a better place. We work with clients who care about making the world a better place as well.